Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daddy and Daughters

How could you not love a man who does this with his daughters every night?!

Corey is the best daddy in the world to our two daughters. And they absolutely ADORE him! When he is gone, Audrey always says "I'm so sad, I miss my daddy". As he walks in the door each day, she runs to him yelling "Daddy, Daddy, I miss you" at the top of her lungs. Addison always has a big smile for him, too.

Every evening he is in the floor playing with the girls. Sometimes it is hide and seek, building with blocks or even a tea party. Along with many hours of tickling, laughter and hugs. But right before bed, it is reading books and snuggles.

I just love watching these 3 together. And, I fall in love with this handsome guy over and over again when I see him with my girls!

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Anonymous said...

Heather, I love your blog. It's so amazing to see you and Corey as Mommy and Daddy. Absolutely precious!