Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Playdate

Yesterday we met up with one of my best buddies- Ms. D and her oh-so-adorable baby ZK. We had a delicious lunch date at Logan's and then took the kiddos back to our house for a little play time. Which means us mommies got a little talk time. Yeeha!

This time ZK and Addison actually realized there was another baby there and spent the time drooling on one another and checking each other out.

ZK is 10 days older than Addison. And I can tell that they are going to be big buddies.

Or maybe partners in crime (by the looks in this photo above- haha)

But either way, it makes me and Ms. D very happy :)

So much cuteness!!

And of course, Big sister Audrey helped take care of the babies and entertain them. She is such a wonderful and sweet sister.
When it was time to leave, Addison had to give ZK a little good-bye love.


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