Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miss Studious

Thankfully, one thing that Audrey has learned from me by following my example is to love reading. We read many, many books throughout the day. There are times when I even read to Audrey and Addison from one of my novels or magazines. I make sure that they have plenty of books at their fingertips. It makes me so happy to see her interested in reading.

So, there are many times (well not so much now that I have 2 kids---but any chance I get) when I am doing just what this picture shows. I love reading before bed each night.

You can imagine how thrilled I was to walk into my room and see this the other day...

Yes, she is in my bed. Notice she has her sunglasses on...that is because mommy usually has glasses on. And she even went into the office and got one of my novels off my bookshelf (that has no pictures).

You can't tell in these pictures, but her babies are laying in the bassinet beside the bed and she was reading aloud to them. So cute! Just melted my heart!

This is one thing I am glad she chooses to mimic. I hope she and her sister will always love reading :)


Regina and David said...

How sweet is that! love it!

Nancy said...

how cute is this!! You have got to look into publishing your blog each year. A bit pricey at times but so worth it!!!

Diana Kat said...

I love that kid. She's so awesome!