Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Audrey and Keith's Celebration

This past Sunday we had a celebration at Grammy and Grandaddy's house for Audrey's 5th birthday and Keith's Recruit School Graduation.  We were hoping that family members that wouldn't be able to travel for Audrey's "big" birthday party would be able to join us for this one since it would be closer to their home.
Audrey- the "birthday girl"- thrilled about turning 5 years old!
While some of us were finishing up preparation for lunch, Audrey and Addison entertained the rest of the company.  They had Nana "fishing".

Then Addison decided that Nana needed to toss the fish into her net.  It was good therapy for Nana and apparently lots of fun for Addison.

Audrey got to show off her Happy Birthday crown.  She was excited about her pink birthday balloon.

I just love the look on Audrey's face while everyone is singing "Happy Birthday" to her.  It looks like she just can't wait to blow out that candle and make her wish.

Addison didn't want to be left out of the celebrating so we had to include a little candle in her cupcake, too.


I'm pretty certain Addison enjoyed that icing. haha  She made sure to lick every bit of the icing from the cupcake.

Uncle Keith had his own cupcakes that read "Congratulations" with the candles. For the record, he didn't eat ALL those cupcakes on his own.

It wouldn't be a birthday party without gifts, right??

Aunt Carolyn gave Audrey some money so she could go to Build-a-Bear and create her own stuffed animal.  Audrey can't wait to make the trip there.  She has already been telling me what she wants to make.  Of course, she changes her mind daily, so it will be interesting what she will choose to make once we go.

She also got some art projects to do.  Aunt Carol, Uncle Jim, Keeley and Brantley gave her a precious outfit and some stickers.  They were kind and bought Addison something, too, so she wouldn't be left out.  Addison got a wooden puzzle and some stickers.  She loves putting the puzzle together over and over.

Since Nana was unable to attend Keith's graduation, he put his uniform on for her to see him dressed up and so we could get some photos of them together.  I love this one of the two of them.  She was so proud of him.  Nana teared up when he walked in wearing his uniform.

The girls gave Nana some loving, too.

And since were were taking pictures, I took the opportunity to get one of Nana and me, together.

Our family...(we were missing Brantley and Corey)...and yes, Addison was showing off how well she can pitch a fit like a true 2-year-old...but at least we got a group picture.

It was a wonderful day and I am so glad that most of our family were able to join us for this special time. 

This was the first of the birthday celebrations for Audrey.  The fun has just begun.  She will be celebrating all week, so there will be more fun memories posted soon.

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Diana Kat said...

beautiful memories and a beautiful family!