Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Audrey's 5th Birthday

On Monday, April 23, 2012, we celebrated Audrey's 5th birthday.  I'm not sure how it is that I was holding this tiny infant in the hospital then I blinked and we were celebrating her 5th birthday.  I will post more about the emotional mommy-moments in another post.  For this one, I wanted to remember how we spent this special day.

We began our day with our family tradition- "Birthday Muffins".  The birthday girl got to blow out her #5 birthday candle.  

Then Corey, Audrey, Addison and I loaded up to go to Birmingham to spend the day at the McWane Science Center.  The exhibit that Audrey was looking most forward to was the touch tank, where she could pet sharks and sting rays.  Audrey was so brave sticking her hand in that water without hesitation and petting all of those sharks and sting rays swimming around.  Addison liked the idea of touching the sharks, but she wasn't quite brave enough to actually stick her hand in the water and touch them.

The water table was Addison's favorite exhibit.  We had trouble pulling her away from it.

Daddy and his girls were operating the submarine.

Then we went to visit the fish.  Fish of all kinds! My girls were in heaven.  They loved looking at all of these creatures.

The Digging for Dino Bones exhibit captured their interest for a LONG time.  I'm trying to talk Corey into building one of these in our back yard.  The girls had so much fun brushing the fossils and digging for bones.

Audrey- our little archaeologist!

Audrey and Addison played us some funky music...

...And made some beautiful designs

Addison was the conductor on this train,

while Audrey operated this tractor.

Our little golfers got in some practice on the course, also.

Audrey had her own personal golf coach.

Mommy and the birthday girl!

After leaving the McWane Science Center, we let Audrey pick where we would eat supper.  Surprise, Surprise- she picked Mexican food!  This girl doesn't like cheese, but for some reason loves the cheese dip.  (weird kid, I know!)

Once we got our bellies full from our yummy supper, we went home for some cake and presents.

Addison bought Audrey a much coveted Rapunzel that changes colors with her special light.

Audrey got a telescope and microscope set from Mommy and Daddy.

This is just the 2nd of 4 birthday celebrations that Audrey will have.  She had a party at her preschool on Tuesday.  This kid is doing it up right :) 

It made it all worth it when Audrey looked at me that night and said "Mommy, this was the best day EVER".  I thought it was a pretty amazing day, too!

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