Friday, April 6, 2012

Family Fishing Fun

The girls have been begging to go fishing for several weeks. Thanks to some wonderful friends who have a beautiful cabin and ponds, we were able to take Audrey and Addison fishing after preschool the other day.
We started out with a yummy picnic. Then the girls got serious about fishing.
Addison is a beginner at this fishing thing, so Corey and I spent a lot of time getting the fishing line unwrapped from around her legs and fishing her pole out of the water when she got a bit carried away with casting.

Audrey has become quite a pro at fishing. She can cast that line way out into the water. I loved watching her prance around so confident, telling me how to catch more/bigger fish. I tried to take her advice, but I still ended up hooked into stumps, limbs, and trees. I did catch my fair share of fish, though.
The fish weren't biting all that well, but we did catch several. When Corey or I would catch one, the girls insisted on coming over to "pet" the fish.
Once they got bored waiting on the "big" fish to bite, they went over to harass our bait (minnows).
Those poor minnows didn't last long because they were either carried around so long they died or the girls threw them into the water. As a result, Corey and I had to resort to an alternative bait. haha
Finally, the minnows lost their appeal, so the girls spent the rest of the time lounging on the blanket coloring pictures together.
We had such a glorious day full of smiles and memories. All of us are looking forward to our next fishing trip.

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