Sunday, June 12, 2011

Audrey's 4th Birthday Party

We FINALLY got to have Audrey's birthday party. It was scheduled for April 30, but the tornadoes on April 27 completely interrupted those plans. The place where the party was to be held was right in the middle of the path of the tornado. While the building didn't suffer significant damage (surprisingly- everything around it was leveled), they were without power and water. On top of that, Corey was working overtime around the clock doing search and rescue for a few weeks.

So, we had to postpone the party until May 14, close to a month after her birthday. But all worked out well. Corey was able to attend and we all had a wonderful time.

Audrey had lots of family members and friends attend. Here are some photos of the fun...

And I had to share this photo... This is Addison and her little buddy Zoe Kate. They were born 10 days apart. Zoe's mommy and I are great friends and worked together our entire pregnancies. We always called these 2 partners in crime...even when they were in the womb. This picture proves it. Can't you tell they are scheming up something good??!! I just love it. They are so cute together. :)

And thanks to our friends D and Mrs. Don. They took a lot of photos so I could actually enjoy the day.

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