Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pawpaw!

Today would've been my Pawpaw's birthday. I know that he is having such a wonderful celebration with our Lord. But that doesn't make me miss him any less.

He was such a kind, gentle, and selfless man. He was loved, respected and a role model to many.

I think of him daily and wish he were still here so I could share the latest tricks and sayings that Audrey and Addison come up with. They were his world and he would just light up at the mention of them.

I keep several of my favorite photos of Pawpaw in a special folder on my computer and I look at them often. Especially on those really hard days when I miss him terribly. So I wanted to add them to this post. Most have been shared on here before, but I never tire of looking at them. They demonstrate how much love he had for his family, especially his great-grandbabies :)

Pawpaw and Audrey on her "birth"day.

Pawpaw introducing Audrey to the tractor

Pawpaw loving on Audrey on her baby dedication day.

Pawpaw and Audrey on one of her many tractor rides.

Pawpaw with his great grand girls

One of my all time favorites- Pawpaw and Addison getting some loving

Happy Birthday, Pawpaw! We love you and miss you!!


Kasey said...

Such a great post! Praying for you today.

Kasey said...

Such a great post! Wonderful pictures. Praying for you today.