Thursday, June 23, 2011

VBS- "That Kid"

Last week Audrey attended Vacation Bible School at the church where she goes to preschool. She had a wonderful time everyday and was so enthusiastic about all the activities when she came home. Each day she would jump in the car and tell me about the bible stories she learned and crafts she made. Addison and I were even taught the songs she had learned so we could sing along :)

This all made my mommy heart so happy and proud.

Since she enjoyed it so much, we asked her if she wanted to perform on stage with the other VBS kids for family night that following Sunday evening. With a "yes", she became even more excited and practiced her songs daily.

Sunday evening Corey, Addison, Audrey and I loaded up for what was to be a fun time of watching Audrey demonstrate all she had learned and enjoyed.

When the music started, Audrey began like this:

And 5 seconds later she looked like this: (such a cutie, huh?)

And then....well, let's just say Corey and I were OH-SO horrified, embarrassed, and disappointed!!! We became the parents of "THAT KID". Yep, the one who everyone has seen and felt sorry for the parents. (At least I hope that is what people felt for us!) Because I didn't know whether to run out the door or dig a hole under our pew. Either way...I wanted to rewind that tape and forget that night happened.

Our sweet little Audrey who is usually obedient and who was so excited to perform on stage was replaced with some sort of split personality or something. She slithered across the stage, sat on her bottom and slid up and down the steps, played with the speaker and all the wires, turned around and around, picked her nose, pestered another kid, sat on the steps and stomped her feet. Over and over and over again! I even went up to the front to try to get her attention and give her "that look" but she was so engrossed in all her shenanigans, that she was completely oblivious to me.

I looked over at Corey and he had steam coming out of his ears because he was so angry.

I was trying to determine which would cause more interruption- me snatching her off the stage or letting her continue to act like an insane monkey. Fortunately, they didn't sing/perform too much longer and her moment in the lime-light was over. Thank heavens!

Once all was said and done we had a "come to Jesus meeting" and I'm pretty certain that in a time in the far, far future when she gets back up on stage, she will do what she is supposed to do. Or at the very least just sit down on the steps and do nothing. I think that would be less embarrassing.

So, I can now say...I've been the parent of "THAT kid". As much as I hate to think about it, this probably isn't the last time either :(

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