Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Natural History

Since the show Dino Dan became popular in our household, Audrey has been asking to visit a museum where they had "dinosaur bones". So I began to search for a place for us to visit. How lucky are we to have the Alabama Museum of Natural History right in our backyard!

We decided this past weekend would be a wonderful time to visit since we could spend fun time as a family in the COOL air conditioned building (a must in this hot summer heat!) and to my surprise, it was very inexpensive to visit.

We had a fabulous time! Both of the girls enjoyed looking at all the fossils, bones, skeletons, and gems. I was surprised that it actually held their attention.

Addison checking out all the exhibits.

Audrey and Corey admiring the HUGE skeleton.

Audrey was so interested in what the archaeologists do and all their tools.

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