Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Newest Addition to the Family

Meet Boots! He is the newest addition to our family.

His presence wasn't exactly least on our part. He just showed up in our yard one evening. For the next several days, I searched shelters, vets, and websites for the owners of this cutie. All the while, Audrey is falling in love with this dog.

The day after he showed up, we were leaving to run to town and he would not get out from under our tires. He just kept running in front of the car. We finally got out but he was following us out in the road. I was worried about him, but there wasn't much I could do.

When we returned, he had obviously been hit by a car and was laying at the end of our drive. I got the girls inside without seeing and rushed out to check on him. I called Corey at work so upset. I couldn't stand seeing him hurt, even if he wasn't our dog. After I checked him out, he actually stood and walked (very gingerly) on his own back into our garage. We put him up for the rest of the night and by the next day he was already getting around better. I suppose the car just bumped him enough to cause some bruising and flesh wounds.

After a few days, he was feeling much better and chasing Audrey all over the yard. His "owners" were no where to be found and many suspected he had been dumped off. So...we officially adopted Boots.

He is the sweetest puppy and has the best personality. I could do without all the chewing on everything and jumping up on people, but he has been great for Audrey. She loves having him as a playmate. He follows her everywhere. We are hoping he will eventually learn to stop running out in the road and become more fearful of cars (so far he isn't...even after being hit:( )

Now, Addison...that is a different story. This is how she feels about Boots:

She is TERRIFIED of him. Just the sight of him sends her into hysterics. I am hoping that she will grow to love him...someday :)

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