Monday, June 27, 2011

Why the Second One is Short-Changed

I had always heard that the second child would have much less photos than the first-born. I just couldn't imagine that! I always had a camera on hand and couldn't dream of it being any different.

Well...then I had Addison and she became mobile! Now, I still have quite a few photos of my girls...but since the second child came along, there is much less time for photography because...

....I'm cleaning up where she TP'd my bathroom and bedroom...

...and cleaning out her mouth where she ate all that toilet paper...

...and locating shoes, clothing items, purses, etc that she swiped and hid in a "safe spot".

I can see clearly now why the photos come to a halt after the second is born. Because Mommy is just trying to keep up!!!

By the way...she is into something on a daily basis (along with her big sis) so the fun never ends!

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