Monday, June 11, 2012

Potty Training: Day 1

Well, I wasn't "officially" planning on starting potty training today, but it just sort of happened.  We were going to be home all day, so I thought putting Addison in big girl panties and giving it a trial run was a good idea.  It went much better than I expected. She only had one accident all day long.

So cute in her little "big girl" panties.

I'm not a mommy that stresses over my kiddo having to be potty trained within a certain time frame. (Well, ok, I will be if she still hasn't got it down pat by kindergarten- Haha).  I encourage it, but they aren't pressured or disciplined because they don't master it "quickly".  So, while we were hanging out and playing at the house, I would just set a timer for every 25 minutes or so.  When the timer went off, Addison knew it was time to potty and she would run to the bathroom and try. 

Her reward was an M&M each time she used the potty.  Grandaddy just gave her a super-cool M&M dispenser this past weekend.  I think it really encouraged her to potty because she thought it was great making her candy come out on her own.

Audrey was a super helper when Addison had to potty, so she would get an M&M, too, for all of her help.  Her assistance made it much easier for mommy :)

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