Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wet and Wonderful Weekend

We spent last weekend at my mom and dad's house (aka Grammy and Grandaddy).  Although we endured rain most of the weekend, we still managed to pack in lots of fun.

While there was a brief break in the rain, we jumped on the golf cart (aka Grammy-wagon) and rode around the farm to look at the cows.  Audrey and Addison LOVE seeing the cows each time we visit. 

They think they are so big climbing on the gates.  I can remember that being something that I loved to do as a little girl, too.

When it was raining, my munchkins were dancing and playing in the rain or taking a walk under their Veggietales umbrella.

The rain showers didn't stop us from enjoying some sweet, juicy watermelon on the very warm days.

We took advantage of the carport and played with bubbles in it.  All of us ended up COVERED in bubble solution.  Baths were a necessity for everyone after this!

When we weren't doing these fun activities, we were visiting Nana at the nursing home or enjoying some good food.  Even though it poured rain the whole time, we still had a wonderful time making memories with our family.

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