Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Potty Training Update

I have been very pleasantly surprised!! Addison has really taken to this potty training deal!

Audrey has been such a super helper with it, too.  She helps Addison make it to the potty in time or helps her with clothing or turning on the lights, etc, when I am busy.  Audrey has been a life saver!

We've been at this for a week now and Addison has only had a couple of accidents. 

I've kept her in a t-shirt and panties most of the time to make it easier to get to the bathroom.  When we've been running errands in town, I would put a diaper on her just in case, but still take her to the potty as if she had on panties.  She remained dry every time.   I am so proud of her progress.

She is still sleeping in diapers, of course, but during her awake times, she is going to potty by herself and doing great.  I hope this continues.  And as long as that little M&M keeps her motivated, then I will keep us stocked with them :)

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