Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Splashing with Friends

Today we had a fun playdate with our friends, Ms. Abby, Evan, Emmett and our neighbor Mrs. Babs brought her granddaughter, Tabi over to play.  Everyone came to our house for the fun outing.

I made everyone Icee/Snow Cones (a 'must' on such a hot day).  Addison was enjoying her's in the shade.

And we blew bubbles.  Tabi was the queen of the bubbles.

Ball skills were practiced.  Emmett spent lots of time hitting and chasing the ball.  He was quite good!

Then there was lots of swinging and smiling!

The kiddos stayed cool running in the "carwash" that Corey created.  I think this was Evan's favorite thing to do.

You could always find a few monkeys hanging around on the swing set.

Just look at this cutie!!  

Audrey and her buddy, Evan, chilling in the pool.

My girls keeping cool in the pool!


We had such a fun day!  I am looking forward to having everyone over again soon.  The adults enjoyed chatting in the shade while watching these sweet little ones enjoy summertime! 

Another bonus is that it wore the kids slap out so they took really good naps!! :)

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