Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Tea Party

The first week of December, Audrey was invited to a Christmas Tea Party hosted by a close family friend, Mrs. Debbie. This was Audrey's first official tea party and she was so excited to dress up and go to it. Grammy watched Addison so Audrey and I could have some special Mommy/Daughter time at the tea party.

This is my beautiful girl all dressed up for the tea party.

Mommy and Audrey ready to go.

When we arrived, there was a craft table set up where each little girl decorated a paper bag. This bag was later filled with goodies from the hostess.

Then we walked into the house to find it decorated so beautifully! Each place was set with a real tea cup and saucer. Mrs. Debbie is much braver than I would ever be to have all those breakable items with all those little girls!!!

Audrey sat at her table like such a big girl.

While the little girls were inside having fun, the Mommies and Grandmothers had a special place outside to eat and visit with one another.

Inside the girls listened to stories, enjoyed games and even had a visit from Santa, himself!!!

Audrey became fast friends with some of the bigger girls at the party. They took such good care of her.

Here we are in front of the Barbie Christmas tree. Yes, this tree was entirely decorated with Barbie ornaments. It was just beautiful!

And this is Mrs. Debbie. The sweet lady that hosted this wonderful tea party. I will hold the memories of this day close to my heart. It was a beautiful time to spend with my oldest daughter!

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Kasey said...

Oh goodness, that outfit is adorable, although really and truely, she's so cute so would look adorable in anything! Her sipping from that teacup is priceless..... and that Barbie tree is fantastic! What a special event!