Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

Our family always enjoys decorating our tree together. This year was no exception.

Audrey is old enough to be a big help. She hung the majority of the ornaments.

Corey prepared the ornaments for her.

Audrey decorated this adorable pink tree for her room.

She hung the Barbie ornaments that her Aunt Carolyn bought her each year. Along with a few Dora ornaments mixed in.

Addison was facinated by all th lights and shiny glitter on the ornaments.

Audrey loves to have the tree lights on as she falls asleep each night. She loves to look at them...and who can blame her! They are beautiful.

And if Audrey goes missing, I can usually find her playing underneath the tree.

Little Santa's helper being silly...

...and showing off that cute smile...

Addison was our supervisor during the decorating process.

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Nancy said...

Caught up with your posts last night and the girls are precious and growing so quickly. Love, too, the background of your blog! Have an awesome weekend and I love you bunches!