Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This year we had so much to be thankful for. Every year I realize that I am blessed beyond measure...but this year was even more important. One thing was we had Addison as a new addition to our family. But another was that my grandfather was around to celebrate with us.

Just a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving, he was hospitalized and things looked very grim. We weren't sure we would have him here with us on earth much longer. But God performed a miracle!

Since Pawpaw was in the nursing home continuing to receive rehab, we decided to bring our Thanksgiving celebration to him. On Thanksgiving day, we (me, Audrey, Addison, my brother-Keith, my mom and my dad) ate lunch with Pawpaw. Corey was on shift that day (as usual) and the McGriffs were out of town with the other side of their family.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we all got together again (this time including Corey and the McGriffs) to celebrate. We gathered at the nursing home since it was easier for Pawpaw, and enjoyed some time together.

Audrey enjoyed a book being read by Uncle Jim.

Donald and Linda Scott also joined us for our celebration. They are like family and we love them dearly!
We couldn't let the holiday go by without some family photos.
A few weeks before, I didn't know if I would ever see this again.

Pawpaw loves his girls!
And this picture just makes my heart smile. It is priceless!!!!

Heather, Audrey, Addison, Pawpaw and Nana
Audrey, Keith, Mom (Kay), Dad (Phillip), Addison, Pawpaw (William), Nana (Rhoda)

The weather was perfect for enjoying a little bubble blowing and ball fun outside.

Pawpaw and Nana enjoyed watching all the fun.

And here is my little Indian, Audrey, dressed up in her costume from preschool. I just had to include it because...well, she is so darn cute! :)

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Kasey said...

What a special post! Those pictures are just such an answered prayer. And Audrey dressed up as an indian is crackin' me up! She's so cute!