Friday, December 31, 2010

Dozier Family Christmas

Each year, a couple of weeks before Christmas, the Dozier side of our family gets together for our Christmas celebration. We enjoyed good food, fellowship and a game of Dirty Santa.

This year, Corey was off, so he got to join us for the fun time. Thankfully, he was there to help me with the girls because Addison got very cranky not long after the party started, so I ended up sitting in the sunroom holding her as she napped for most of the party. Corey was able to stay inside where the party was so Audrey could enjoy the excitement and "help" most of the family members open their gifts.

It was wonderful to get to see our family members that we don't get to visit with often.

Audrey and Uncle James

Pawpaw, Nana, and Aunt Mary Francis

Corey and the girls

Audrey was assisting with unwrapping everyone's presents.

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