Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Getting Into Everything!!

This baby girl is INTO EVERYTHING!! I mean I seriously can't keep up!!!

She loves to spend time playing with these canned drinks. I know I am going to regret allowing this to be one of her favorite activities when one explodes all over the place...but it keeps her entertained for a long time :)

And she loves playing with Audrey's play food for her kitchen. Addison crawled around all day with that chicken leg hanging out of her mouth. I thought it was too funny!

Since she has started table foods and feeding herself, there are many days that I really should hose her off after a meal. Often times, a bath is necessary...as you can tell...

My big girl learning to drink from her sippy cup and eating up some pancakes.

And, in case you needed more evidence, take notice of the dirty clothes basket that she has overturned and was in the process of emptying.

If this isn't a guilty look...I don't know what is!!

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