Friday, December 31, 2010

Santa's Elves

Each year my mom heads-up a Christmas party for the residents of a local nursing home sponsored by her church. You can see the past parties here and here. But this year, due to my grandfather being in the hospital and then at the nursing home (the one where we have the party), there just wasn't enough time or energy to have the party as normal. My mother was crushed, as was I, since it is just as important to us and a tradition that we have done for more years than I can remember.

After some brainstorming, we decided to do generic goody bags so at least each resident would get something and it would be useful. We knew we still couldn't do the full blown party...but they would have a gift to open.

So, on a Friday, the girls and I headed down to mom's and met up with her for lunch. Then the shopping began! Audrey and Addison were troopers as we hit up a couple of Dollar Tree stores and Walmart. There we emptied the shelves and filled cart after cart with tissue, soap, lotion, shampoo, snacks, puzzle books, body wash, and a few other goodies. We seriously needed Santa's sleigh to get all of our loot home.

Mom and I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. sorting goods and filling bags.

The next day, my cousin, Vicky, and her family took a load of the goody bags to half of the residents. Her kids loved on the residents and even sang a few songs for them.

Audrey, Addison, Mom and myself took the other half to distribute to the rest of the residents. Each person was so thrilled to receive their gift and get a hug from the girls.

This tradition is so special to my mom and me. I hope it will be just as special to my girls.

So even though it wasn't our "normal" Christmas party, we were still able to help brighten the day of many people. Who knows...this may become our new "normal". It was such fun to spend the "girl" time together shopping for this even.

Here are the girls in front of all the gifts, ready to be our little "elves".

Audrey and Addison giving Pawpaw his goody bag.

Isn't this one cute reindeer??

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Laura Day said...

What a great idea! I bet that was so fun....for y'all and the residents. I love reading your blog. Keep the updates coming!