Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

I am like a kid at Christmas. I get just as excited as the girls about the Christmas lights, Christmas trees, toys, presents, wrapping paper, Christmas songs, etc! I just love that magical time of year.

This year was no different! I was even extra excited that Corey was off from the fire department and would be with us on Christmas morning.

Audrey, in typical form, was up really early to see what Santa brought her. We made her wait for a while until Addison woke up, but I ended up having to go in and wake up that sleepy-head because Audrey (and Mommy) just couldn't wait any longer. (I had to tell her that Santa came in order to get her out of bed :) )

Once Addison was up, both girls stormed into the room to find all their gifts under the tree. There were lots of smiles, laughter and shreds of wrapping paper.

Audrey got her guitar and Dora book she longed for along with a baby doll, doll accessories, a Bible, Leapster Explorer, gowns, clothes, and more.

Addison got an Elmo, Let's Rock and a Cookie Monster. Both of those got jumps and squeals from her. She was so excited. She also got a baby doll, stroller, a magnadoodle (so she would leave sister's alone), clothes, DVDs, and more.

After playing with the toys for a while and enjoying a good breakfast together, we packed the car and headed to Grammy and Grandaddy's house to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family.

I had been dreading this because I knew Christmas wouldn't be complete without my Pawpaw. Although I missed him terribly, I didn't break down (I think I'd done enough crying over him being gone the previous 2 weeks). The girls and their laughter kept our minds off of being sad. And it also helped that my Nana was doing well and was able to leave the nursing home for a while to celebrate with us.

Audrey and Addison got tons of great stuff- art supplies, bath toys, games, clothes, toys---you know how the grandparents love to spoil ;)

Corey and I got gift cards to some of our favorite places. (Totally what I wanted!!!) And I can't wait to spend them :)

Later Christmas evening, I took the girls over to Aunt Carolyn's to visit some of the family since we didn't get to see them Christmas Eve at their Christmas party. Once again, they spoiled the girls with lots of toys, books, clothes, and puzzles.

It was a wonderful Christmas this year! I'm sad that it came and went so quickly. But I am happy that I have these wonderful memories to cherish forever.

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Vicki Terrell said...

Thank you for sharing your family Christmas with us!!!