Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

The girls LOVE helping to decorate for Christmas. Audrey has been Corey's helper for a couple of years. This year Addison loved helping put up the decorations, too.

Audrey already knows just what to do. She took charge of things :)

Addison was completely fascinated with the HUGE doggie.

Audrey- our quality control inspector.

Addison was trying her best to get Santa to talk back to her.

Daddy and his elves.

Corey and crazy dog, Boots, offering his assistance.

Audrey- Adorable Elf #1

Addison- Cutie Pie Elf #2

After freezing outside while putting up lights and decorations, we moved the party inside to get the tree up and decorated.

I was totally surprised how well Addison did decorating. She actually would hang the ornaments on the tree. I completely expected her to remove them faster than we could hang them. She was so proud of herself.

This year she is all into Elmo and Cookie Monster, so I bought her Elmo and Cookie Monster ornaments for the tree. She was thrilled about the Elmo one. She wanted to hang on to it an not place it on the tree.

Such good little elves!

Audrey took the decorating very seriously. She made sure each ornament was hung on the tree perfectly.

Addison got a little impatient and tried to dig out the ornaments herself. She got a bit "stuck". Haha. I had to be cruel for just a moment while she was crying "HELP" to grab my camera and catch a photo of her predicament.

Once she recovered from the terrifying experience, she continued on with her silliness.

The girls standing proudly in front of their beautifully decorated tree. :)

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