Sunday, December 18, 2011

The "Real" Visit with Santa

After our terrible experience with Addison visiting Santa a couple of weeks ago, I was very apprehensive about the "real" visit with Santa. You know, the one where I dress them up real cute and try to get a precious photo.

Well, I found out that I had every reason to worry!

The girls had donned their cute, Christmas attire and they were pumped to go see Santa (aka-Ho-Ho). Then we walked up to him.

Audrey jumped right up on his lap and Addison began screaming "No, Mama, No, Mama" while climbing all the way up my body to my head. Not exactly working like I wanted it to.

Then sweet Santa suggested that we just make it a family photo. PERFECT! Addison sat on my lap and waved at Santa. Corey scooted in on the other side. And Audrey shared with Santa her wish list along with Addison's wish list.

I do believe our picture turned out just PERFECT, for me anyway :)

Then the girls wanted to ride the North Pole Express. Audrey loved it; Addison wasn't so sure about it.

We followed that with a delicious lunch and some Cookie Co. Cookies (YUM!). Of course we had to get in a little shopping.

Before heading home the girls concluded our trip with a few spins on the boats and planes.

It was a wonderful family day full of fun and many memories.

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