Friday, December 23, 2011

Dozier Christmas Party

This past weekend we celebrated at the Dozier Christmas Party.

I wasn't all that thrilled about attending. Not because I don't love my family or enjoy seeing them, but because this was going to be very emotional.

The last few weeks have been really tough on my emotions. Without my Pawpaw, Christmas just won't be the same. He and Nana always made Christmas complete.

This was the first Christmas celebration I had to endure without my Pawpaw, and to make matters worse my Nana was absent too because she hadn't been feeling well and had to stay at the nursing home.

So, while we had a wonderful time visiting with relatives, there was an emptiness. A piece of the puzzle missing. I shed a few tears, but overall it was a nice day.

Here's a family photo with my parents, my brother (Keith), me, Audrey and Addison. (Corey was on shift)

Addison was showing off her new pony to Susanne and Keeley and entertaining everyone.

Addison with Aunt Shirley. Audrey was assisting with opening gifts.

Uncle James and Audrey. They are big buddies.

Uncle Lynn and the girls.

Aunt Shirley playing with Audrey and Addison.

It was a fun beginning to a bittersweet Christmas season for our family.

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