Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thanksgiving: Part 2-

After enjoying time with Corey's family, we drove back to my parents' house to spend the night. The next day we were going to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.

When we arrived, it was getting late so we quickly tried to feed the girls and get them ready for bed. I gave them some of their favorites for supper so they would actually eat something.

By this point I noticed that Addison was still very warm, but acting fine...until...she started eating. She put a piece of orange in her mouth and began screaming uncontrollably. It was awful. We thought she had bitten her finger or tongue. I knew she was tired so I didn't push the eating issue. She drank her milk and I put her to bed. That night she was very restless.

The next morning was the same thing. Fever, wouldn't eat and then I noticed some spots on her feet.

At this point, I have a fussy kid and am frantically trying to prepare our Thanksgiving meal. Thank goodness Corey and Grammy were there to offer some TLC when I couldn't hold her. I was racking my brain the whole time trying to figure out what to do and what was wrong. I was 2 hours from her regular doctor and I certainly didn't want to take her and sit at a "doc-in-a-box" with all the flu and viruses if it wasn't necessary. So I decided just to watch her a little longer.

We enjoyed some family time and a delicious meal.

Addison and Audrey both love the cows and the farm. So since Addison was feeling up to it at the moment, we took them to let them feed the cows and ride the tractor. These girls are becoming great cowgirls :)

Audrey and Grandaddy

Miss Priss-Audrey

Audrey feeding the cows

Addison must taste really good!

I know it's down there somewhere!

Grandaddy and Addison

Sweet Addison not feeling so great.

Addison-Such a big helper!

After this little outing, Addison became even more irritable. I noticed more and more bumps around her mouth and on her hands coming up and it dawned on me that we were probably looking at Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. So, I put in a call to our doctor's office. After explaining the symptoms they confirmed what I suspected.

For the next 3 days that poor baby cried and cried. She lived off of yogurt, Popsicles and milk. I was happy that she would at least eat something. Then finally she began to feel better.

It was a great Thanksgiving. I just wish for once we could celebrate a holiday without one of us being sick :/

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