Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

This year, for the first time in about 10 years, Corey was off on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We decided to take advantage of the fact that he would be around to celebrate with us and stay in town.

I wanted to make sure I got some pictures of the girls in front of the Christmas tree in their cute dresses before all the excitement began, so I took a few photos of them first thing on Christmas Eve. I thought the pictures turned out pretty good. I love the looks on their faces. Can you tell how anxious and excited they were about Christmas being just around the corner? They couldn't wait to get into those gifts (we had to keep a fence up around the tree except for the photo shoot because a certain little almost-2-yr-old wouldn't stay out of the gifts!).

We decided to stay in town for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning so the girls could actually have Santa visit them at their home, especially since Corey was off on Christmas.

The evening of Christmas Eve we loaded up in the car and rode around looking at Christmas lights. Then we followed that up with a delicious dinner out. Once we got home Corey and I exchanged our gifts to each other (because we knew there wouldn't be time the following morning) and we let the girls open one gift each from us.

I got a new porch swing (Yipee!!), some warm, comfy house shoes, PJs and an Amazon gift card to use with my new Kindle (YES!!). Corey got some golf goodies and house shoes. Audrey was thrilled with her "real" necklace with ballet shoes charm. Addison had fun with her new phonics refrigerator magnets.

After reading the Christmas story, the girls left some cookies and milk out for Santa before they snuggled in bed. I thought they would have a tough time going to sleep because they were so excited, but I guess the day had worn them out because they fell asleep quickly. Good thing, because Santa was on his way!

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